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We can conduct a professional whole or partial home estate sale for you.  Historically, estate sales were conducted after someone passed away, but more frequently clients are calling for a variety of reasons:

  • Selling the family home and moving to a smaller, retirement place

  • Moving to another country for their job

  • Preparing to move a loved one into an assisted living arrangement

  • Simplifying and downsizing for any reason

The move from a lifelong family home into a retirement community can be traumatic and overwhelming. Usually the adult children assume the role of the caregiver and when it comes time to move the elderly parent, the responsibility usually falls on the caregiver. This burden of responsibility is great, especially if the adult children live far away, have children of their own and work commitments of their own. We can conduct a partial home estate sale of the items you cannot take with you to your smaller home, retirement center or nursing home.


Our Services

Private Sales

Do you want to sell an individual item or a collection of items as opposed to a full house? We consider consignment sales depending on the size and demand for an item, so call us to discuss an evaluation. We may agree to advertise it for you and/or arrange to sell it for a small percentage of the selling price.

Assistance with House Sales

Many homes have been sold because of the exposure at one of our estate sales. We have a large volume of clients coming through the sale over the weekend–more than any real estate open house. We are not real estate brokers, so we recommend enlisting one prior to the sale.  If you do not have a real estate broker, we have many we work with that we can recommend.

Complete House Clean-outs

After the sale, we can arrange for a complete house clean out and clean up.

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Our Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to provide outstanding professional service to the client who has hired us! Our commitment is to provide you with a professional liquidation and to help eliminate any of the unwanted stress normally associated with such situations.

As we come into your lives, we will do so responsibly so as to always be a positive example which is right, just, and honest. Our expertise and attention to detail along with our honesty and integrity fosters our dedication to our clients and customers.


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